Brazilian Whip: A Gold Medal Winner


We have a tradition in our home of creating special meals and treats based on the Olympic’s location that particular year. Little Jedi will be seven in two weeks so this is not a long running tradition (yet) but it is a really fun one! Our families favorite year thus far was England. This brought into our lives a beautiful paleo/GAPS friendly cottage pie that is killer good! But food like that is best served when there is a nip in the air. Even though it is winter in Brazil, it is summer here and we  need a cool treat to enjoy while we watch the Olympic’s highlights.


Since it is almost Little Jedi’s birthday I let him choose a Brazilian dessert for us to try. There are a number of amazing options, but they love themselves some sugar and canned dairy in Brazil. Those particular ingredients are a no-go in our house so we had to find one we could adapt. We did some searching and came across passion fruit mouse.  It hit all of the requirements: light, fluffy, cool, creamy, sweet, and just what we needed on a hot summer day. With some m̶i̶n̶o̶r̶ major changes I think we have found something quite delicious and super simple to make!


OK, go make yourself some and enjoy it while you watch some volleyball, rowing, or fencing this weekend! Or maybe you have a Brazilian treat you love… if so please share!!!!


*Disclaimer for my GAPS friends: Because we are on stage 2 of GAPS at the moment we were not able to binge on this like we wished, but we did enjoy sampling it and sharing with friends!

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