From -ish to -less: Sole Hope Party!

Sometimes I just need a break from my life! Now, I know what you are probably thinking… VACATION!! As much as I would enjoy one of those, that is not it. I need a break from MY LIFE- from thinking about me, myself, and my “immediates” that demand most of my time. I need to think about someone else for a change and so do my kids! It is so easy for me to get caught up in school, food, health and home life that I sometimes forget the bigger and more important picture.

A friend of mine once said that we need to work on going from ish to less: from being selfish to selfless and we need to work on it at a practical level every day. I long for this in my own life and want to instill this in my kids, but boy that is hard sometimes!! One way to become more selfless is to serve others, but when you have little ones or special needs kids finding service opportunities to get involved in can be tough. That is one of the many reasons why I am so excited to have come across Sole Hope!


Sole Hope is an incredible organization that is changing lives in Uganda. To find out more about them please visit They have done an amazing job of making it easy to help out with their cause and to serve others. The idea is simple: Host a party where everyone brings old pairs of jeans! These jeans are cut into pieces that will be turned into shoes for those battling jiggers in Uganda.


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