Making Fries GAPS style


My Little Jedi has always had a blood sugar issue. He needs a lot of good fat and very little natural sugar to keep him at that sweet spot where he is not crashing hard by the end of the day. And can’t you relate? Blood sugar issues are extremely common these days and we all are in need of more ways to get good fat in our diet! So when we started GAPS I began searching for the best and most enjoyable ways to get my Little Jedi and the rest of us the fat we need. Our GAPS practitioner recommended making fries and we have all been reaping the benefits ever since.

After trying a few different methods and fats to make delicious fries I have found our go-to process that produces perfect, delicious fries every time.


1 pound good quality beef or lamb fat.


Cut into pieces and place in your cast iron skillet.

Put on medium heat allowing the fat to melt completely. 


Allow to simmer until it stops bubbling.


Strain the fat to remove the crispy bits. My Little Jedi loves eating these. 

Return the liquid fat to the skillet. 


Add in whatever you are frying in batches.

Once you are done frying allow the skillet and fat to cool.

To save just place the skillet in your refrigerator. You can use this fat 3 times to fry in before needing to throw away what is left. 

These have become a staple in our home! They make a great side or snack, but our absolute favorite way to enjoy them is as loaded fries! You can check those out here.

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