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Bullet Journaling for Health, Wellness and Sanity

“Necessity is the mother of invention”

A while ago I posted a picture of and created a short story about my Bullet Journal on Instagram. I had a few people as me to share more. So, I am going to give you a little tour of my BUJO! I will also give you some great links and resources to find out more and even better yet, get you started on your own!

After trying a number of different day planners, phone apps, organization systems, and calendars that were never exactly what I needed I began searching for a better way to organize my day and keep track of everything from our weekly menu to the many random thoughts that pop into my head throughout the day. That is when I discovered Bullet Journaling.


Bullet Journaling, or BUJO for short, has been a complete sanity saver for me! I now have far less sticky notes and pieces of scrap paper all over my desk and I am no longer missing appointments and playdates that I forgot about or missed my alarm for. Plus I now have one place that keeps track of foods we are trying to reintroduce as well as helping me make sure I do the things I need to every day to help me and my family be well physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Let’s Start The Tour


Table of Content: Makes it so much easier to find everything!


Monthly: At the beginning of each month I have a monthly calendar where I can write in appointments, vacations, etc. It allows me to get the big picture of what the month is going to look like. This allows me to make sure I am not over-booking us. Too many events planned for too many days makes for a chaotic home and stressed kids. Even if it is just you scheduling too much can be extremely taxing!


Daily: In this layout, each day had its own page and kept track of water, yoga, vitamins, to-dos, daily gratitude sections, etc.
Daily: I recently simplified and two days fit per page now. I only have my to-do/ schedule and my gratitude section under each day. Writing 5 specific things I am grateful for each day helps me to focus on all the many good things that happen in each day that I would easily overlook otherwise! This practice is great for my brain and my heart!
This is now my daily chart: It took a little longer to set up, but now I can see what I neglect frequently, what I need to work on, and things I am trying to do that I just need to drop. The letters at the top stand for everything from therapy for my youngest, daily vitamins, reading with my boys, things pertaining to my blog, getting outside, prayer time, yoga, water, quiet time and so much more!
Meal Ideas & Planner: When I plan out my week I spend less $ on groceries and can prep more on certain days which equals fewer dishes and less time spent in the kitchen overall! Having my meal ideas list to pull from makes the process quick and easy. I love the sticky notes. I can save and reuse them a few times and move things around as needed!
For anyone with sensitivities, an introduction log is crucial. The only way you will know if you are ok with a certain food, supplements, etc is if you keep track of your reactions- good or bad. Keeping a log of things you eat and drink that you are unsure of also helps you when you do have a reaction because you do not have to now rack your brain for what it might be. You simply go back to your log. I also use this for dosing supplements for me and my kids. I can write what I gave and how much. If I see a negative reaction I now have a record of how much I gave. I can then scale back and see if we no longer react. If we do I can pull it, if we don’t then I have a running log of exactly how much of each supplement we all need.


Health & Wellness notes: I have dedicated a section in my BUJO to health notes. This is where I write whenever I talk to our doctors or if I have questions for future appointments. I also keep my thoughts and notes from podcasts, articles, webinars, etc here. This way I have everything in one place whether I am meeting with a doctor or wanting to do further research.


Lastly, I use my BUJO for writing out the bible verses I am learning, the things God is teaching me, and wonderful quotes I come across. You can dedicate one section for this or a lot of people like to spread the verses and quotes throughout their BUJO.  Doing this also provides you with a fun place to practice lettering or work on your art skills.


The beautiful thing is that every BUJO is different. It is personal and there to meet your specific needs! I personally love the minimalist approach without much embellishment. Others turn their BUJOs into works of art. It is up to you what you want to make of yours.

Now for you to get started…


Some of these things I own and love already. Some of these items are on my wish list. Either way, they are supplies that will help make your BUJO experience more enjoyable!



Other supplies


Bullet Journaling can be an easy and fun way to keep track of all you have going on. Even though many have come along and made the processes far more complex and time-consuming than it needs to be, the original creator Ryder Carroll, meant it to be a simple minimalist approach to maintaining notes, calendars, ideas, and schedules. So, have fun with this. Make it your own and maintain your health, wellness, and sanity in the process!

Please share below which ideas you like best or what your favorite lists are in your Bullet Journal!

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