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The Skinny on Fat: A guest post

Hi, this is Daniele from @danieledellavallentp and I am excited to share some of my thoughts with you all! After I published my recent book ‘Happy Weight’, Ashley thought it would be fitting to discuss my favorite topic, FAT! We have always had so much fun discussing the topic of FAT, so I am so excited to share some info with you today! Enjoy!


As a nutritional therapist I get a little stuck in my ways and forget that not everyone in the world knows the ins and outs of functional medicine. When we have a one track mind we get stuck with tunnel vision and forget the many opportunities out there to educate a new-comer. Of course it’s good to have these subtle epiphanies so that I can remember to catch people up on current events and current nutrition information, thus the reason for guest blogging on Aprons and Armor today.

Ashley and I have been friends for almost two decades and yet we still manage to inspire each other almost daily, she is one of the most resilient, loving, and patient and determined women I know. An Atheist and a Christian make for strange bedfellows, but honestly we never question each other’s beliefs, there is only respect and love. Having myself grown up reading and understanding the teachings of the Bible, Ashley is by far the true embodiment of Christian love, she gives all of herself, no questions asked. Her love for her God is one of the things I love most about her. Our common ground, like all people in this world, is food and nourishment. We care for those we love by nourishing their bodies and their minds with nutrient dense food made by hand. We also respect the many different styles of food and nutrition, but have seen the uncanny results of the specific style of nutrition we both love and preach to our communities. Food is love ❤

The style of eating Ashley and I both subscribe to has actually been around longer than you and I. Eating mindfully goes back to the beginning of our kind. We used to hunt, gather, forage, ferment, sour, sprout and make everything from hand. Slowly we became domesticated and we have just forgotten how to eat because we have been reprogrammed by the media and our overly fast paced society today. The low fat, vegan, high carb, whole wheat, ice berg lettuce life has only made us sicker. Miscarriages and developmental delays in children are at an all-time high in our country. One of the biggest contributors to female hormone imbalance and lack of proper brain development besides an improperly populated gut, is linked to the lack of consuming not only the proper fats, but no fat at all.

Yes my beautiful people, YOU ARE NOT EATING ENOUGH FAT, and most likely are eating the wrong kind of fat. So today I am giving you the skinny on proper fats and how much to eat! Let get started!

The best way to start is to list Good vs Bad you should be eating weekly if not daily:

Good Fats:


Egg yolk

For non dairy-free folks: Cultured Grass Fed Full Fat Butter/Cream/Cheese

Fresh non farmed Salmon


Non farmed Cod liver oil



Grass Fed and Pasture raised meat fats like Lard, Tallow, Duck fat, Buffalo fat


Bad Fats: Do not cook or consume these



Any and all nut and seed oils (grape seed, sesame, almond…)

Olive oil that is not: fresh/cold pressed/organic/in a dark glass bottle

Soy oil

Farmed fish and oil

Improperly sourced (factory farm raised) meat and meat fats

*Now remember we are always sourcing our food properly. Grass fed dairy only. Pasture raised (not pasteurized) meats and eggs only.

Seems a little crazy right? You have thought all this time that saturated fat was bad but it’s truly the only fat you should be eating.

Now let me tell you why…

We eat what our food eats, if you consume and animal or animal fat that is factory farmed you are eating a diseased animal and you too will inherit the inflammation from the animal.

Animals are meant to be raised in their natural environments.

So why is fat so good for you? Here’s why:

  • Fat helps aid in proper brain function
  • Increases metabolism
  • Regulates Hormone function
  • Increases the energy process
  • Regulates Blood sugar
  • Cellular health
  • Eye Health
  • Cleanses the liver
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Cardiovascular health: Good fat reduces bad cholesterol

I know it seems crazy to think that increasing fat can help to heal the body and nourish it, but that is just how we are designed. Our bodies are meant to eat fat. The brain and body rely on Ketones for energy and to create ketones we need more fat.

Like I said earlier, not all fats are created equal. Many have different structures and can only be used for specific reasons. The reason a high fat diet is promoted is to create a healthy environment within our system. What most don’t know is that we can actually create a very unhealthy environment inside our body if we chose the wrong kind of fat. Fats are separated by their bond structure, most are familiar with the word Omega. Omega’s are mostly seen in 3, 6, and 9. What we don’t know is that not all Omega’s are the same. The numbers change how the fat is recognized in the body. What is commonly misunderstood is that 6 & 9 are just as good as 3. Well that couldn’t be further from the truth. If 3 is not in significant elevation to 6 & 9 then we actually can reach an inflammatory state. I know this is a lot of information and can tend to be very confusing, but let’s make it easy, Omega 3 is the winner!

So what foods are higher in Omega 3 then?

As previously stated: Coconut, salmon, sardine/anchovy/cod, grass fed red meats, liver, egg yolks, grass fed dairy…. There is a good long list of foods high in Omega 3, you get the gist. The foods high in 6 & 9 are not bad foods by any means, they just need to be in moderation to the omega 3.

So now that we know the better foods to keep as our staple, let’s talk about the right fats to cook with.

Vegetable oils like canola, and soy should be in your trash, like right now! While you’re at it, toss the peanut, sesame, and grapeseed in there too. Olive can stay, but should be lightly heated. We call olive oil a finishing oil, for things like salad or homemade mayo. I know you might be thinking that I am crazy right about now, like your hippie radar is going off and I sound like a doomsday prepper. Well some of that is true, but mostly my reasoning behind this madness is science. Some fats can actually lose stability after a certain temperature is reached. It’s called oxidation. Not to mention that some of those oils don’t naturally preserve well and could be rancid. Oxidizing is something you never want happening to your fats. It makes them carcinogenic, we’re talking cancer here people. You can call it, inflammation in a bottle.

What fats are safe to cook with you ask? First let talk about what temperatures you are cooking with!

Here is a little guideline:

High heats- Avocado oil, Tallow, Coconut oil

Medium heats- Butter, Lard, Bacon fat, Ghee, Duck fat

Low heats- Olive oil, fish oils

Now that we know what fats to eat and to cook with we can focus more on elevating the right ones. I am a huge fan of coconut oil, if you don’t like the coconut flavor, you can get refined coconut oil. Duck fat makes everything taste better, so that’s always a good choice. You can always make your own, or you can get it from http://www.fatworks.com that’s where we buy ours 🙂

Start looking around at your grocery store for some of these items, you’ll be surprised that they will most likely have more than one of these items. Even Costco is carrying grass fed butter, coconut and avocado oil. So the change is happening and if we vote with our dollars we can help positively influence the health of those around us.

Since Ashley is the recipe aficionado, check out how she uses fats in her daily cooking!


Let’s join together in communal harmony, make our bodies healthy and nourished and EAT MORE FAT!


Your lovable NTP,  Daniele Della Valle




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