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A Few Of My Favorite Things: February

I get a lot of questions about what some of my favorite brands, products, resources, and tools are so I am starting a new series! Each month I will share some of the foods, products, and health and wellness resources and tools I am loving. Here are some of my top picks for February!

Fourth and Heart Ghee


This is my guilty pleasure!!! But the beautiful thing is there is no guilt, instead just a ton of healing goodness. If you read the guest post about all the incredible benefits of fat here on Aprons & Armor, you know incorporating high-quality sources is essential for your wellness! With flavors like Madagascar Vanilla Bean and White truffle Salt, are you kidding me, you can’t go wrong!

The Friendly Swede Tea Infuser

tea infusers.jpg


These tea infusers are one of the best gifts we have ever received! We use them Every. Single. Day. Herbal tea is a wonderful addition to any health and wellness regime and these make it easy to enjoy a cuppa weather hiking, camping, running errands, or just relaxing at home. If you want just stainless steal they have these two options, here and here, which a great as well!

Clove Essential Oil


Clove oil is my must-have for cold and flu season! Anytime we feel any sort of sore throat or other kind of bug coming on clove is our first line of support. With all the nasties going around lately we have been enjoying diffusing clove, using it in our hand sanitizer, and a number of other ways as well!

Breathing exercises


Your body exists in one of two states: fight or flight or rest and digest.  One of my top health and wellness goals is to move my body from the first to the latter! One of the biggest contributing factors to how your body is responding is the vagus nerve. You want to tone and stimulate your vagus nerve in order to improve digestion, inflammation, sleep and so much more! My favorite way to show my vagus nerve some love throughout the day is to do a breathing exercise. Here is what I do:

Breath slowly from your stomach. Inhale for fewer counts than you exhale for. I started with breathing in for two counts, holding for one, exhaling for four counts. I am now breathing in for four counts, holding for one, and exhaling for six counts. The goal is to keep working towards longer breaths.

Salt Works Gourmet Salts


Just like fat, good salt is a critical nutrient for your overall wellness. Adding high-quality salts to your dishes or enjoying it in sole adds much-needed minerals to your daily diet. Plus gourmet salts take the flavor of any dish to the next level. My favorite place to source salt is Salt Works Gourmet Salts. They have over 100 different varieties of edible salt plus wonderful bathing salts as well.

I hope these resources help you to find some new gems to add to your wellness plan! Or to just add to your life for fun and flavor! If you love any of these resources or have any questions about how I add any of these items to my daily routine please comment bellow!

A few of my favorite things.png

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