Snacks for your desk, diaper bag, or backpack


I am at home all day eating foods that have been cooked in stock. To say I am removed from the 8-5 life and the need for desk stable snacks is definitely an understatement. But for my Dream Boat and a number of our friends finding foods that you can keep at your desk for a quick snack or a replacement for all the junky treats people bring into the office to share is a need and a struggle. What I am still very much connected to is the need for snacks you can keep in the diaper bag for yourself or your kiddos. Park dates and errands can quickly turn nightmarish when blood sugar crashes are involved! Living in Colorado, we also spend a lot of time outside and are always looking for easy foods to take along with us.

So, when one of my besties asked for a post about snack foods that she could keep in her desk AND that would be good for her I got excited! I love a good challenge! If you are looking for some fun and new snack ideas that are satisfying and good for you, I am here to help you out!  There are great options here for any diet, whether you are trying Whole 30, Paleo, AIP, Keto, Full GAPS, SCD, WAPF or another one that I might have missed! If you are stage 2 of GAPS scroll down to the bottom and I even have a couple things listed for you!

Recommendation Requirements:
1. My recommendations are things we actually eat and enjoy. Duh, I know.
2. The product has to meet at least Whole 30 or full GAPS standards for ingredients, but I am always looking for the absolute best option out there with any food.
3. I try to source everything from smaller companies, preferably family-owned, that are ran ethically. If you are not seeing some of your favorite go-to snacks on my list it may be because of who owns that brand.


Every Day Snacks

Trail Mix

you can either buy a pre-made mix or, better yet, make your own! My favorite place to order nuts is from


Citrus, bananas, and apples are particularly great because they store well and are
chock full of nutrients!


My musts are good oils, grain free and non-GMO. Here are some we love.

Siete Chips – An amazing tortilla chip alternative.
Jackson’s Honest – Sweet potato chips cooked with coconut oil.
Apple Chips – I like the green apple because it is less sugar and great taste. These
are also great dipped in a nut or seed butter!

Jerky & Meat Bars 

A great source of protein that does not need to be refrigerated. Just
make sure it is free from soy, fillers, or sugar!

Bricks Bars
New Primal Meat Sticks
Even better yet make your own! Try this recipe or this one to guarantee it has the
flavor you want and has no hidden junk!

Dried Fruit

I love getting mine from or Dipping it in nut butter or seed butter helps to balance the sugar with good protein.


Though they are also technically a fruit, they are savory,  a wonderful source
of good fat, and can be enjoyed stuffed or plain!

Nut or Seed Butters 

Having these packets around have saved us more times than I can count! My son loves to just eat it out of the packet or you can enjoy it with fruit or crackers!

Artisana Raw Packets– these are our absolute favorites! Raw and organic!
Artisana Coconut Butter – an alternative to nuts or seeds if you are allergic or AIP.
YumButter – OK this stuff does have coconut sugar in it so I would not eat it all the
time, but boy is it good!

Other Ideas

SeaSnax – My boys go CRAZY for these! I love this brand because they use olive oil.
Jillz Crackerz– Honestly paleo shelf-stable crackers are well… gross. These are the only ones I have tried that are worth eating!
4th & Heart Ghee packets – These are great to have on hand when you need butter for your tea, coffee, or meal! You can also keep jars of ghee with you because it does not need to be refrigerated, but these packets are so much easier, especially for travel!

Snacks that are desk stable, but may offend your co-workers 😉

Wild Tuna – Great source of protein. Can be eaten with an avocado, apple or crackers.
Wild Sardines – Also a great source of protein and good fat.

Sweet Special Treats

Banana Bites – Be forewarned these things are addictive!
Eating Evolved Caramel & Sea Salt Coconut Cups – Goodbye Reese’s! Hello to the perfect
Go Raw Sprouted Cookies

Stage 2 GAPS legal snacks

If you are on stage 2 of GAPS you know that everything is cooked in stock making it impossible to not need a refrigerator or at least an ice pack. But there actually are a couple things you can keep on hand for emergencies!

4th & Heart Ghee packets – A great quick source of good fat! Best enjoyed mixed with…
Raw Manuka Honey Packs– Great to have on hand to mix with ghee, in order to make a fat bomb, for when you feel your blood sugar dropping or to add to a nice cup of tea!
Dehydrated Stock – This takes some work to make, but is so worth it for travel, emergencies, or to keep on hand in your desk drawer. Simply add it to hot water where ever you are and you have a nice cup of gut healing stock!

Erin, I hope this helps! And I hope it helps the rest of you reading this post as well! Now go on out there and get your snack on! Did you discover something new from this post? Let me know what you are excited about in the comments!

Also, don’t forget to pin for later!


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