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Minimalism, Mold and More

I miss writing about food and promise I will get back to it soon. Life has just not afforded me a lot of time to experiment with new things lately.  Due to our unfortunate run in with toxic mold my life has been taken over by research and recovery! So here is a quick-ish update about what I have been up to and what I will be sharing with you all soon!

Extreme Minimalism

We have been thrust down the path to extreme minimalism. By extreme minimalism I mean we just threw away all that we owned! Who knew trashing everything and trying to recover could take up so much time?!


Fortunately, the idea of minimalism was not totally foreign or horrific to me! Over the past few years, I had been working on getting rid of more and more stuff.  I even wrote a couple blog posts about it. I wanted to simplify. I have been helping my kids work on this as well. Even my Dreamboat has been pairing down over the past few years! However, this was never, in a million years, the way I envisioned us going about that process.  I am just so grateful that God had been preparing my heart for this situation for some time now.

The Minimalists write, “Minimalism is a tool that can assist you in finding freedom… Freedom from the trappings of the consumer culture we’ve built our lives around.” We are extremely blessed that all we lost was our stuff. We have an amazing family who took us in. Friends who have gone out of their way to help us. My Dreamboat still has a job he loves. We all have each other. This is not a bad launching point for us to start creating the life we have been dreaming of without all the stuff that ties us down or wastes our time.

Starting Over

My good friend over at Treehouse Daily has been teaching me, for years, about minimalism and making ethical purchasing choices. These ideals fit perfectly with my personal beliefs and personality. The only downside is the extra time it takes to research and find what you are needing to purchase.


Our most recent “purge” has put me in the position of actually needing to purchase some things. Everything really! We have no intention of joining a nudist colony ever so things like clothing are a must and we really need somewhere to lay our heads at night. But I did not want to just run out and buy whatever we came across. We want to spend our money wisely on items that are worthwhile, will last a long time, and are made ethically. We also have some exciting things in the works for what our next step is (more on this soon!) that will require us to make sure we don’t accrue a lot of stuff! This is not about following trends or anyone else’s rules. We just really want to keep things simple so we can enjoy what really matters in our life more.

This means the time I usually dedicate to experimenting in the kitchen has been allocated to working on getting better and researching the items we need.  I have to tell you it has been really hard for me not to be in the kitchen playing around, but it has been time well spent. I have found some amazing resources for clothes, shoes, beds, and so much more that I can not wait to share with you all!

Want to learn more about minimalism? Here are some articles and posts I have enjoyed:

A note on consumerism – National Geographic

5 Things Not To Do On Your Minimalist Journey

7 Tiny Steps for the Beginner Minimalist – bemorewithless

I’m working on it…

I keep getting a lot of people asking me if I am getting better. The best answer I have is I am working on it. We live in a culture that likes immediate results and has very little patience for anything else. We want a quick fix, a magic pill, or a miracle. Lat time I checked those things are rare and hard to come by. So this getting better business is going to take time.


I have to tell you I am so thankful to finally have some answers to why nothing my body did made sense. Now I just need to see about getting better. Fortunately, I have a great team of people and a plan that is working so far.

Over the next few months, alongside new recipes, I am excited to share with you some of the things I am using in my healing process. I will also be sharing some of my great finds and more about our upcoming adventures!

What are your thoughts on minimalism or fair trade? How about our societies desire for a quick fix? Please comment bellow with your thoughts on these topics or anything else you feel like chatting about!


One thought on “Minimalism, Mold and More

  1. You are an inspiration. I have the problem of keeping to much stuff because it can be repurposed and made new “later”. But that rarely happens. I should probably check out your helpful links but i wont because i just might use that thing later lol


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