Hi there and welcome!

I am Ashley.

I am Southern California transplant to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

There are a million things I want to learn about and a world of places I want to go.

I love Jesus.

I am married to My Dreamboat. He is an artist, avid fly fisherman, and overall hunk.

I am a mama to two boys.

I love time with family and friends.

I love that I get to teach my littles every day. Homeschooling is not easy but boy we love it!

I strive to learn new things every day. My current pursuits are whatever is true and lovely, herbs, creating, our incredible minds, and intuitive eating.

In my dream world, I would have you over for tea or a meal and we could chat about all the things going on in our lives and everything we are learning about! It would be wonderful! But alas, this is not always possible so I have this blog. Aprons & Armor is a place for me to share a bit of me and maybe it will encourage you along the way!