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Redeeming Kale: Salad Made 2 Ways

I know, I know, kale really can be pretty gross. It is tough, bland when raw and slimy when cooked. For some, it is really difficult to find its appeal. But here is the thing: it is amazing for you AND can be super delicious when made right! So before you give up on kale… Continue reading Redeeming Kale: Salad Made 2 Ways

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Enjoying Breakfast Again

This post was orriginally featured at for my dear friend Daniele. Breakfast… it is glorious and full of hope and happiness. Except when you find out you are allergic to all the breakfast foods you love or your mornings are rushed or you wake up feeling nauseous. Mornings can be hard sometimes but don’t… Continue reading Enjoying Breakfast Again

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Soup! Time for some batch cooking!

‘Tis the season for gathering together with family and friends. For calendars rapidly filling up with events and celebrations. For setting aside healthier home cooked meals for what is quick and convenient. A week ago I came across a quote that spoke to my heart and a longing within me. I have never been great… Continue reading Soup! Time for some batch cooking!

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Adventures In Batch Cooking- The Beginning

Things are in full swing around here! School is back in session, hunting season is well under way, and our calendar is full of meetings, appointments, jobs and get-togethers. In the midst of all we have going on, I have still been striving to have┬ároom for rest, play and healthy eating. It’s that last part… Continue reading Adventures In Batch Cooking- The Beginning