Our Story

My sweet Little Jedi was in the midst of helping me today and asked, “Do you ever get bored with all of this?” We were in the kitchen at the time and were dealing with creating ferments, cleaning up and putting away food. I had to pause for a moment and think… Do I ever get bored of all this? I quickly realized that was an easy question to answer. No, never, not after I had been so close to not being able to cook for my family at all.

My Dreamboat and I were married young, still in the midst of college and absolutely clueless of the wild, amazing, scary, and wonderful adventure we would soon go on. I was raised by a nutritionist and had continued to educate myself on a number of health and wellness topics. I thought I knew what was up and we were doing well. Fast forward 14 months and we discovered that our first little bundle of fun was on his way! My pregnancy was picture perfect and we were excited to meet our new buddy. My Little Jedi was a force to be reckoned with from the day he was born. He rushed into the world in a little under 4 hours at an ounce away from 9 pounds! I was instantly in love of course. He was a vigorous eater from the get-go, but we soon discovered a number of foods I was eating made my Little Jedi more than unhappy. He quickly became covered in eczema and was constantly unhappy due to an upset stomach. I tried my hardest to find solutions. I cut out all gluten and dairy, we saw a number of doctors, and we started him on probiotics. But alas, nothing truly helped and his issues just got harder as he got older.

Two years after our Little Jedi joined our family, we found out that our Little Bear was on his way! Yet again, my pregnancy was without any issues and I was eating healthier than ever. Our hope was that because of our even healthier life choices our Little Bear would be without the issues our Little Jedi had. Little Bear came rushing into the world even faster than his big brother- under 2 hours! Yet again, we were in love. But within a few hours, he developed a large cephalohematoma. That was just the beginning. As the months went on we discovered that he had a number of muscular issues and would soon be classified developmentally delayed due to his struggle with rolling over and crawling. We immediately started physical therapy. He was developing normally in every other way and was a better sleeper than his brother and without eczema so were hoping he, at least, would not have struggles with food. Then he turned one. At that time we started him on solids and everything changed. He started to have severe reactions to a number of foods. He also started to regress developmentally at the same time. Over a few months, he lost all the words. Mama was the last to go. His regressions were devastating and we soon realized we were dealing with a lot more than just allergies. At 3 he was given the diagnosis of Autism along with a number of other labels and we were left with a whole lot of questions.

In the midst of attempting to find ways to help my littles, I ended up extremely sick. Over the next four years, I would find myself in the hospital every few months. I lost a significant amount of weight and got to where almost all food made me extremely sick. I had no idea how to turn my health around. I was diagnosed with a number of gut issues and an auto-immune disease. I sought out a number of professionals and no one had any answers. We became extremely concerned- we were wondering if I was going to make it. I had missed out on so much! I could not play with and parent my kids the way I wanted to. I could not go on adventures with my family or give much quality time to my husband. I was loosing my life and I was scared. The various medical teams I worked with during this time were very caring and got me through, but they could not figure out how to help me actually get better.  Then one day, due to divine inspiration, my mom found a practitioner that worked with the GAPS diet and a number of other modalities to bring about health and wellness.

I am thrilled to say that we are all now on the road to recovery. I do not know what that means for each one of us, but what I do know is that I am already seeing incredible changes. We have put in a lot of hard work, time, and energy, but by the grace of God, it is helping! I now have energy, I am no longer having to visit the ER and am feeling better than I have in years. My boys are healthier as well! They are no longer having severe reactions to foods. My Little Jedi is a much happier and much more relaxed kiddo. My Little Bear is getting stronger every day, his walking has improved significantly, he is far more interactive and feels a lot better. I am excited to continue this journey of wellness with my family and I look forward to sharing with you all what we discover along the way!