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Redeeming Kale: Salad Made 2 Ways

I know, I know, kale really can be pretty gross. It is tough, bland when raw and slimy when cooked. For some, it is really difficult to find its appeal. But here is the thing: it is amazing for you AND can be super delicious when made right! So before you give up on kale… Continue reading Redeeming Kale: Salad Made 2 Ways

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“Hashbrowns & Gravy” : A Country Style Breakfast (GAPS / SCD / AIP / Paleo / WAPF)

There are days that I crave a country style breakfast! I want biscuits and gravy. I want hash browns. I want something hearty that will stick with me for hours. When you are currently grain free, nut free, nightshade free, free of all the things that would make it easy to create this breakfast it becomes… Continue reading “Hashbrowns & Gravy” : A Country Style Breakfast (GAPS / SCD / AIP / Paleo / WAPF)

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Feeding Your Family: Recipe Round-Up

Are you having a hard time coming up with real food recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert? Do you need some new ideas to add to your weekly meal rotation? Looking for inspiration? I have gathered a wide variety of recipes here that are sure to even please the pickiest of eaters! Breakfast Morning… Continue reading Feeding Your Family: Recipe Round-Up

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Sage & Rosemary Butternut Squash Cooking Video

When I wrote my blog post about enjoying breakfast again one of the recipes I shared was a Sage and Rosemary Butternut Squash Hash. While testing the recipe one last time before posting we decided to film the process. My amazing husband and I turned it into a video for you all! I hope you enjoy! If there is any other recipe you would like to see me make please comment bellow!

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Your Personal Journey To Wellness!

Maybe you want to start eating better, but you just don’t know where to begin. Or maybe you just received a diagnosis for an auto-immune disease and are feeling overwhelmed, not knowing how to help yourself. Or perhaps you have been at this health and wellness game for some time but are now wanting to tweak some… Continue reading Your Personal Journey To Wellness!


Vanilla Bean Marshmallows & Hot Chocolate Round Up

We are all about the day of love over here, but it has never been an especially romantic affair. Valentine’s day is yet another opportunity to show each other, our littles, our family, and friends a little extra love. In our home that usually involves treats! When looking for something we can all enjoy I am… Continue reading Vanilla Bean Marshmallows & Hot Chocolate Round Up


It’s Party Time: Loaded Fry Bar!

I have a deep love for nachos. They are extremely satisfying to me with their endless variety of toppings and flavors and their great mix of textures. Plus, let’s be real, anything smothered in cheesy goodness is dreamy! Ever since starting GAPS I have been looking for a way to still have the gratifying experience of… Continue reading It’s Party Time: Loaded Fry Bar!