Chocolate Torte (Paleo/ Full Gaps/ Vegan)

Heart be still¬†this dessert is heaven on earth! Really nothing more needs to be said about it… Perfect for the final course of your Christmas feast or for New Year’s Eve final indulgence! *This post contains affiliate links. This helps to pay for the blog if you make a purchase using this link. Or you… Continue reading Chocolate Torte (Paleo/ Full Gaps/ Vegan)


Paleo Candy Bars (Paleo/Full Gaps)

I posted a picture of these delightful little treats I made for My Dreamboat’s birthday on Instagram the other day. I provided, along with the picture, a simple outline of the recipe ¬†and was going to leave it at that. But don’t worry, I have come to my senses! These delectable little nuggets of greatness… Continue reading Paleo Candy Bars (Paleo/Full Gaps)