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Your Personal Journey To Wellness!

Maybe you want to start eating better, but you just don’t know where to begin. Or maybe you just received a diagnosis for an auto-immune disease and are feeling overwhelmed, not knowing how to help yourself. Or perhaps you have been at this health and wellness game for some time but are now wanting to tweak some… Continue reading Your Personal Journey To Wellness!


Gather Stones: A GAPS year in review

Wellness is a journey, not a destination. I find myself saying this more and more to people these days! It seems we, as a society, view obtaining wellness like obtaining a degree. Put in so much time plus a certain amount of hard work and sacrifice and you get wellness. I have learned over the last… Continue reading Gather Stones: A GAPS year in review


Well, this just happened: My first Podcast!

I had the immense privilege of chatting with my dear friend Daniele Della Valle on her Happy Body Podcast! It was a total blast! We covered a number of great topics from GAPS to building your own support team and everything in between!I hope you enjoy! Daniele is a brilliant NTP and one of… Continue reading Well, this just happened: My first Podcast!